We shepherd a small flock of registered Katahdin hair sheep. Katahdin sheep are a breed of hair sheep, originating in Maine. Hair sheep shed their wool naturally, not requiring docking or shearing, complimenting the other easy-care traits that Katahdin sheep are known for, including incredible mothering instinct, natural parasite resistance, and early maturity. As the fastest growing breed in the United States, the Katahdin is adaptable to most any management system, but we prefer our sheep to be raised and thrive on pasture. Our sheep are enrolled in NSIP - the National Sheep Improvement Program. We are interested in breeding for parasite resistant, fast growing, slick shedding, and structurally correct stock. Our ewes are excellent and prolific mothers, raising multiples with ease. 

Our sheep are managed on pasture during the growing season, fed hay throughout the winter months, and are supplemented with grain during late gestation and early lactation. Lambs are given creep grain in addition to their mother’s milk and hay in winter. Our ewes lamb in February, and have breeding stock selected and available from the year’s lamb crop in late June based on NSIP data and visual appraisal of confirmation.

Working closely with other breeders around Ohio and the rest of the United States, we have been able to bring some excellent, useful genetics to our area. It is essential to us that rams have excellent parasite resistance data, have moderate to excellent growth traits, and moderate prolificacy to optimize our hands-off model of maintaining a mostly grass-fed flock. For more information on why we raise these excellent sheep, please read this post from our blog.

Our sires for our 2020 lamb crop:

OSF 1901 - ‘Peyton’

Our very own Peyton will be retained as a breeding ram this year. With balanced traits across the spectrum paired with excellent confirmation, he is sure to produce great additions to a pasture-based flock. We were quite impressed with his growth as a twin out of a yearling ewe. His dam, ‘Peach’ (NWT18022) was purchased from Roxanne Newton of Hound River Farm in Hahira, Georgia at the 2018 KHSI expo, and sire ‘Jimmy (below, NWT18061) was also bred by Roxanne Newton. His twin brother will be available for sale at the Eastern NSIP Sale in Wooster, Ohio, on August 10th, 2019.

GBR 7112 - ‘Moon’

Moon came to us from Kathy Bielek of Misty Oaks Farm in Wooster, Ohio, bred by the talented shepherds of Gibraltar farm in North Brookfield, New York. Moon is an impressive ram, with exceptional growth traits (top 5% of the breed) and parasite resistance, and a muscular, masculine look paired with a gentle demeanor. We are anxious to meet his lambs in 2020 and watch them grow and thrive.

OSF 1905 ‘Thumper’

Our own Thumper will also be retained as a breeding ram in our flock for our 2020 lamb crop. In addition to being in the top 1% of all Katahdin sheep for parasite resistance, his hind end muscling and overall confirmation are quite spectacular. His dam was bred by David Coplen of Birch Cove Farms in Fulton, Missouri. His sire is ‘Jimmy’ (below, NWT18016).

Reference Sire - ‘Jimmy’ NWT 18016

We purchased Jimmy from Roxanne Newton of Hound River Farm in Hahira, Georgia in 2018. Needing a ram with excellent parasite resistance paired with good growth and confirmation, we made the trip to Georgia to acquire this lovely ram. His lambs were impressive, so much so that we are retaining two of his sons in our flock. Jimmy has been sold to Kathy Bielek of Misty Oaks Farm, we are excited to see the results of Kathy’s careful breeding next spring.