I'm going to blog now

It's mid-summer, and now that the planting tasks have waned, the lambs are raised, and we have pretty much given up on weed control for the year, the only outdoor tasks left for the season are keeping up on harvesting, general maintenance of the flock, and maybe even enjoying this apparent idyllic life we lead. And, during the mid-day hours when the mercury climbs to 87, I'll hunker down in my office and type up some banter for the internet. 

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I'm not sure what all I want to share quite yet. I suppose a more in-depth look at some of our weddings, photos and stories of what is happening on the farm, maybe some instruction on how we manage our kitchen, our garden? Rolling streams of consciousness on botany, plant chemistry? My endless opinions and rules for living (maybe I'll get myself a book deal)? 

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For now, I'll leave you with a little introduction. I'm Katie, a botanist-turned farmer-florist. I live in the rural part of central, Ohio, a fantastic place to raise flowers and sheep, so that is what we do. Hot summers, cold winters, a fair amount of rain and slow seasonal transitions - I always wonder why Ohio isn't the real estate mecca of the country. An oasis in the midwest where you can grow and enjoy Peonies AND celosia, with equal success? I find my definition of an ideal locale is not shared by many of my fellow Americans. That's ok. I'm happy to keep this slice of paradise to myself. 

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I grow flowers that I use to decorate the wedding celebrations of purposeful couples, sell the rest to other florists in the area who have a discerning eye and a love for chevy-van loads of flowers. My husband, Brad, assists with these efforts while maintaining our flock of sheep, and working a job that affords a consistent income and health benefits. He's the best. He's an engineer, so also the reason I can come up with floral installations on the fly, sell them to my clients, and be confident he will have a solution to pull it off. So far, this method has been working. 

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So in a nutshell, so to speak, this is what we do. Grow flowers, make art with them for weddings, raise sheep, sell to other shepherds. We also are fervent home cooks, budding travelers (when we can), dreamers, workers. 

Follow along, more to come...

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