Q: Will you do my wedding flowers? 

A: I would be honored. I love working with brides with a passion for supporting local. All of the flowers in your wedding designs will be sourced largely from our and other Ohio farms. When additional material is needed that isn't available locally, we look to American grown sources first, always. My design style is romantic and whimsical, I seek to use unusual flowers and textures, while expanding upon your color palate for a sophisticated and timeless design. Prepare for me to introduce you to flowers you have never heard of or considered, I'm constantly seeking the most beautiful varieties to add to our garden. Wedding floral design is available during our growing season, from April to November. Head to the Contact page to get in touch. 

Q: I'm a florist. Do you sell flowers wholesale? Do you deliver? 

A: Hi! Yes! Please contact me to be added to my availability list. I'll shoot you an email every week with what is blooming in the fields. Delivery is free for Columbus florist customers on Thursday morning. We are happy to deliver on other days if we are available. Off day delivery has a $100 minimum order requirement. 


Q: Can I come visit the farm? Can I do a photo shoot in the flower fields?

A: Flower fields really are breathtaking, and country life, while amazing, can sometimes be lonely. We love doing tours and hosting visitors, we just ask that you give us a shout first. Brad and I would be happy to try and accommodate you. If you want to take photos here, please let us know and we can direct you to certain times of the year when color is more abundant, and chores are less hectic and the fields less of a mess. 


Q: Your farm is so pretty! Can I get married at Old Slate Farm?

A: We really aren't equipped to host large scale events. The parking here is lacking, among many other reasons that large amounts of people don't really work on this property. We will happily host catered farm-to-table dinners for parties up to 20, so please inquire if you have a small gathering you would like to host in a flower-filled, country setting. If you are looking to get married in the beautiful rolling hills of Knox County, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Warwick Farm


Q: Should I DIY my wedding flowers?

A: There are so many things to consider as a potential DIY bride. Keep in mind that the week of your wedding will be very busy and exciting, and fitting in floral design might be taking on too much! Flowers can be touchy - these are living things and need special care. I highly recommend appointing a eager family member to be in charge. Maybe you are related to someone who worked for a time in a flower shop, or who has an especially good eye for design. I am also happy to provide flowers for making DIY centerpieces, and letting me take care of the bouquets and other personal flowers, as these can be especially challenging to make under pressure. But, if you are determined to DIY, don't despair: I will do my very best to make sure you are prepared for the task with a detailed flower care guide, a materials list, and basic instructional resources.